Hey guys and gals!
Welcome to the Oxford Holy Club

A place where we ready ourselves to give an answer for the hope that is in us.  We will also try to answer your questions, randoms questions from the interwebs, and have some fun too.   

So put some seltbelts on your ears because we're in for a wild ride!

Our prayer is that this will be a resource that will help you engage in the word of God (the Bible) and will be help deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Bradley Silliker
Creator / Co-Host

Brad is an Associate Pastor with the Sherwood Church of the Nazarene in Charlotettown PEI.  He moonlights as 1/3 of your hosts for the OHC Podcast.

Andrew Beckwith

Andrew is the Children and Young Family Pastor at the Lancaster Baptist Church in Saint John NB.  He also enjoys long walks on the beach.

Lucas  Candy

Lucas is Vice Principal at the Fredricton Christian Academy in New Brunswick and serves on the board of the christian radio station Joy FM.

Those that have stumbled upon us have said things ... such as:

"Seatbelts are better than biscuits

I listen through Google Podcasts, but had to download iTunes (and reset my password) so I could give this podcast the review that it deserves. This podcast makes me laugh, makes me think, and sometimes makes me want to cry because it is JUST. SO. GOOD. Always entertaining, encouraging, and uplifting whether I'm cleaning the kitchen, walking to work, or talking a casual stroll around the neighbourhood. I used to put biscuits on my ears, but seatbelts have proven to be the better ride. (Also, I honestly thought Yahoo answers was dead. Thanks for bringing it back.)"



Don’t hold back keep asking questions and keep evaluating your own answers. It what allows you to answer with such confidence instead of arrogance.

God bless the whole crew."